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A home at the end
of the world

Wongema is a one-of-a-kind location for thinkers, makers: workers of all trade. In this ‘home at the end of the world’ you can set up camp for a few days, but you can also book a timeslot for a specific meeting. We mostly facilitate groups. If you are an individual worker: join one of our work weekends, or visit us during ‘Het Zomerpension’ in August or the winter version of this ‘open for everyone, every day’ arrangement in December. Wongema is also still the village café it used to be, with its own program: music, film, food and more. All of this in the spectacular empty landscape of Groningen, close to the Wadden Sea and Lauwersmeer National Park.

All you need

Wongema is created and run by makers. We know what you need to get yourself going: space, time, food and a good bed. On the ground floor we have two big workspaces: the café and the studio. There is a beamer, several screens and of course a good old fashioned flip chart is at your service. Thinking bigger? The church across from Wongema is also available. Multiple day session? Wongema is ideal for groups of 5 – 20 overnight guests. If needed, we can accommodate up to 35 people overnight.

Always in action

Public event, or private session: there is always something going on at Wongema. Besides a quiet and comfortable workspace, Wongema functions as a village café and stage with its own cultural agenda. From village festival HENK to textile weekend ‘Warm Nest’, to our annual Potato Festival in October. Every first Friday of the month we cook for everyone who feels like a great meal and good company. Come as you are.
  • 27-07 t/m 31-08


    For five week we transform into a cosy, lazy summer pension. Open every day, for everyone. Coffee stop, lunchbreak, a crispy fresh bed for one night or more? We've got it all. A night in Wongma will cost you aprox. 40 euro's, depending on the length of your stay and the size of your party. Singles, duo's, small groups: Wongema has a bed for all of you. You  can crash spontaneously, but a reservation will garantee you a room. 

    Reservation + more info! 
  • 12 august

    Bauke Mollema Tour 

    Sunday August 12th, famous Dutch cyclist Bauke Mollema organizes his own tour. Wongema is his preferred mid-day stop. Come by for coffee, apple piea and a meet and greet with Bauke himself! Or even better: join the tour. More info: baukemollematocht.nl 

    Coffee with Apple pie: €5,– 
  • 16 august

    Ricciotti Orchestra Live in Wongema 

    Street Symphony Orchestra Ricciotti visits Wongema for the third time. This year with Cuban pianist Ramón Vallee. The concert is an eclectic mix of Classical, Jazz, Latin an Modern pieces. 50 young professial musicians in a small village results in an unforgetable experience. The free concert starts at 8.00 p.m. From 6.00 p.m. you can join the pre concert dinner for €17,50. For reservations use the link below. 

    I'll join the pre-concert-dinner! 
  • 7 September

    Village Fest HENK 

    Summer is over, back to school and work. A great moment to catch up and share summer stories. Village Fest HENK is for everyone who loves our great village by the sea. This year we deal with a trauma from Henk’s youth. As a six year old kid he was sent to school in… lederhosen. That’s why we serve a German meal and a live Schlager Act. Be there, or be square… Dinner: €15,– 

    Yes, I will join Henk for HENK 
  • 14 september

    a Life's Work: Rein Hesselink 

    Recently Artist Rein Hesselink died. He lived in our village. He definitely deserves a solo show and he is going to get it. Mainly at Galerie Gewaagd, but in the weekend of 14-16 september also in Wongema. The opening is on Friday. More information to come. It is very much worth it to see a life's long work on show. 

  • 5 October

    Potato Fest 

    This years potatoes are small. That's what you get with a fantastic summer like this... You win some, you loose some. The Potato Fest will be compact and exciting this year. All action inside Wongema. 150 tickets max. This year on Friday night. Soon more info about program and tickets. Keywords: Radio, Rock, Beats, Potatoes and Beer. We're going underground! 

    More info: coming soon! 
  • 26, 27 en 28 october

    The Artist's Way in Wongema 

    Wongema programs this wonderful workshop together with Frederike Dekkers from The Artist's Way. Well... It's a lot of Artist's Way, with a little Wongema twist. And it works! Click on the link below and read what this weekend can do for you and what it did for others. Interested? Don't wait too long, there are just a few tickets left. 

    More information + booking! 

This is where it starts

Wongema is located opposite a medieval church in the tiny village of Hornhuizen. To the west is the wildness of the Lauwersmeer nature reserve. To the north, a 20-minute walk brings you to the tidal flats and wetlands of the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Apart from exciting nature, the landscape is dominated by farmland. Potatoes, grain and sugar beets. The land is flat, you can see forever. This is where the Netherlands both ends and begins.

Be our guest!

Workspace, pension, village café, stage, production house, and, and, and... At Wongema everything and everyone is important. And almost everything is possible. Tell us what we can do for you.
Erik Wong
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