A home at the end
of the world

Wongema is a one-of-a-kind location for thinkers, makers: workers of all trade. In this ‘home at the end of the world’ you can set up camp for a few days, but you can also book a timeslot for a specific meeting. We mostly facilitate groups. If you are an individual worker: join one of our work weekends, or visit us during ‘Het Zomerpension’ in August or the winter version of this ‘open for everyone, every day’ arrangement in December. Wongema is also still the village café it used to be, with its own program: music, film, food and more. All of this in the spectacular empty landscape of Groningen, close to the Wadden Sea and Lauwersmeer National Park.

All you need

Wongema is created and run by makers. We know what you need to get yourself going: space, time, food and a good bed. On the ground floor we have two big workspaces: the café and the studio. There is a beamer, several screens and of course a good old fashioned flip chart is at your service. Thinking bigger? The church across from Wongema is also available. Multiple day session? Wongema is ideal for groups of 5 – 20 overnight guests. If needed, we can accommodate up to 35 people overnight.

Listen to Radio Wongema

We were looking for a medium to communicate events happening inside and around Wongema. We choose ‘radio’. Nothing better than talking and listening, questions and answers. For Radio Wongema everything is of importance: from a villager who decides to sell her house and move back to the big city to a young designer who is working on an interesting new project. Unfortunately almost all talks are in Dutch. When in English, it will be stated in the intro.
  • september 2019


    Kok Sytze Greidanus en schrijver Lammert Voos schuiven aan voor een voorbeschouwing van het aardappelfeest. Wat gaan we eten? Wie leest er voor? Hoe zit het met die aardappellezing en hoe ziet de rest van de avond er uit? Luister en je weet het. Inclusief overvliegende straaljagers en een liedje van Tamar.

  • spring 2019

    Shazia's story

    After the heavenly Afghan meal she cooked, Shazia talks on a sunny Sunday morning about her life: How was it for a 17 year old Afghan girl, to arrive all alone in far North West of the Netherlands? Presentation: Erik and Bertien. All in Dutch! That is the downside of making regional radio...

  • 11 may 2019


    During the bustling annual plant market in the village, we recorded a live talkshow about insects. How can we increase biodiversity in our region? Three farmers, a politician and a member of the local Insect Commity talk about this urgent matter. All in Dutch!

Always in action

Public event, or private session: there is always something going on at Wongema. Besides a quiet and comfortable workspace, Wongema functions as a village café and stage with its own cultural agenda. From village festival HENK to textile weekend ‘Warm Nest’, to our annual Potato Festival in October. Every first Friday of the month we cook for everyone who feels like a great meal and good company. Come as you are.
  • 5 october


    Better block 5 october in your agenda. It's Potatofest time! In this 7th edition we stay close to home: a tribute to the region. We have the first Hornhuister potato lecture and the most popular coverband around: Sunshine. And there is a lot more. Good food, great music and an inspiring crowd. Early September you can read all about it and order tickets. 

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  • 11, 12 en 13 october

    The Artist's Way in Wongema 

    Wongema programs this wonderful workshop together with Frederike Dekkers from The Artist's Way. Well... It's a lot of Artist's Way, with a little Wongema twist. And it works! Click on the link below and read what this weekend can do for you and what it did for others. Interested? Don't wait too long, there are just a few tickets left. 

    More information and bookings 
  • 25, 26, 27 october

    Yoga weekend with sri Vijay Gopala 

    The best yoga school in Groningen (Yorah) sets up camp in Wongema at the end of october. For a very special Yoga retreat with guest teachter sri Vijay Gopala. The interior (warm en cozy) and exterior (open and spacious) of Wongema fuse very well with the concentrated body/mind work that this weekend provides.Click on the bar below and read more about this unique opportunity! 

    More information and bookings 

This is where it starts

Wongema is located opposite a medieval church in the tiny village of Hornhuizen. To the west is the wildness of the Lauwersmeer nature reserve. To the north, a 20-minute walk brings you to the tidal flats and wetlands of the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Apart from exciting nature, the landscape is dominated by farmland. Potatoes, grain and sugar beets. The land is flat, you can see forever. This is where the Netherlands both ends and begins.

Be our guest!

Workspace, pension, village café, stage, production house, and, and, and... At Wongema everything and everyone is important. And almost everything is possible. Tell us what we can do for you.
Erik Wong
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Tammingastraat 58 — 9978 PD Hornhuizen